CelticGenealogy- From Scotland- To Canada
A Tale of Two Families - Adoption and Birth Rights, Secrets and Death.
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# Description Person ID Tree Last Name First Name Living Tree
1 1880-cen-gaffney-robert  I489    Rosanna 
2 1880-cen-gaffney-robert             
3 1880-cen-gaffney-robert             
4 1920-cen-gaffney             
5 1920-cen-gaffney             
6 1920-cen-gaffney  I13  Gaffney  Katherine Teresa 
7 Margaret Gearin Obituary  I378  Gearin  Margaret M 
8 Obit Mary Nelligan Miller  I220  Nelligan  Mary Josephine 
9 Obit-Bishop-Nelligan  I216  Nelligan  Leo Charles