CelticGenealogy- From Scotland- To Canada
A Tale of Two Families - Adoption and Birth Rights, Secrets and Death.
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1. Deceased Family Members Loved Ones in Heaven. We don't have a full list of death dates. Please go to a member's file if you want to add a death date.  
2. Documents not linked to an Event  
3. Individual's Burial Site & Cemetery Location Needed Please view the report showing deceased individuals that have burial and death place blank. If you know the burial locations please let us all know.  
4. Living Relatives Who among us are living? We all hope we are on this list. If you do not see your name on this list and you feel you are still living please contact me and I will...decide if you are... :) 
5. Watertown  
6. Where Are They Buried? Cemetery Locations! View the resting places of our ancestors. The report that you see confirms burial places that I know of. You may know of other family members and their resting places. Please email me the member name and cemetery and town. I will give you credit as the source of this info. You may also submit photos of headstones and cemetery gates. By clicking on the person's name it will display their info. By looking under "Buried" it will usually show the cemetery name. The cemetery will usually be mapped, so please view the map for a visual location. 
7. Family Members Sorted By Date This gives you a list of the people born on or after 1500, sorted by date of birth to 2007. This allows you to easily see the old guard and the new. 
8. Pisces 
Individuals born in astrological sign pisces: 20 FEB - 20 MAR 
9. All the women in the database sorted on first name  
10. All the men in the database sorted on first name  
11. Changed persons in the last 90 days List of the the people which changed the last 90 days, sorted on the last change date