CelticGenealogy- From Scotland- To Canada
A Tale of Two Families - Adoption and Birth Rights, Secrets and Death.
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Top 30 largest localities (total places):

Canada (51)
USA (24)
Scotland (15)
Ma (12)
NH (6)
Ireland (3)
China (3)
United States (3)
FL (3)
Antigonish (2)
Ns (2)
Mass. (2)
Que. (2)
Inverness (2)
Prince Edward Island
Saint Marys Church of the Annunciation Catholic Church
Me (1)
Fl 32210 (1)
South River To South West Margaree
St Louis DeGonzaque French Church
St Patricks Watertown Ma
Ns? (1)
Cb? (1)
St. Gregoire De Nicolet
Massachusetts (1)
St. Mary's Cemetery
P.E.I. (1)
Boston Union Carpenter Local 33
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