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A Tale of Two Families - Adoption and Birth Rights, Secrets and Death.
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NEW: Adding a photo or document to a individual or family file: If you have a document or photo that you would like to add to this site we would love to have it. Go to the individual's file and you will see a tab named SHARE PHOTO/DOC. Click on the tab and enter in the requested info.


1. I may have additional information about an individual on my genealogy software database not yet uploaded to this site. Please inquire if you have any questions about anyone on this site. I have may files and additional information not yet uploaded.


2. When you register it is assumed you are registering because you are a family member. In the COMMENTS section of the register page you must show me how you are related. Please include the PERSON ID along with the names for easier and accurate identification. ---------------------------------------------------

3. The guest password is no longer needed, just start using the site without logging in. No living individual's data and notes will be shown, but for researchers this isn't an issue anyway.

Thank You,

Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin