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A few years back my father received a few metal boxes that contained approximatly 25 8mm film reels. The films seem to have been shot by either his aunt Margaret or aunt Helen or both. They seemed to have traveled together a lot and enjoyed documenting their trips. We received the films because we were the only one in the extended family that had a 8mm film projector to watch the movies. After storing the film for about 12 years I am in the process of documenting the film and transferring them to digital media. After watching a few some of the films seem historically relevant to past events of the 20th century. As an example one reel contains film of the 1940 Worlds Fair in Chicago and another of the Santason Parade on Thanksgiving Day in Boston 1938.   I will begin indexing the film to begin  a reference document on the film.  The whole project will proabaly cost over a thousand dollars to transfer all the film to digital.   Though not necessary to view the film once restored  funds can be donated to help offset some of the cost of the project.  Before that though, I will be reviewing the quality of the transfers.  I will have more on this later.    Below is the list of film reels.  I will review each reel individually in more depth as the project continues for family and overall public historical value.  In listing the film titles I hope to find family members who can help identify some of the titles, people and other descriptions.  More to come.

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Found on the Gearin Santason Parade reel is the video version of the still stereo view pic below.

Still shot from 8mm Gearin film footage of Santason Parade Thanksgiving Day Boston Ma. 1938.
Santason Parade Thanksgiving Day Boston Ma 1938
Santason Parade Thanksgiving Day Boston Ma 1938

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REELS LISTED as of 2-11-2011

REF# Year Title Length Notes Total Reels
gear001 1940 Worlds Fair New York 100 Ft Done 1

1940 Worlds Fair New York
1940 Worlds Fair New York
1940 Worlds Fair New York
1940 Worlds Fair New York

1940 Worlds Fair New York
1940 Worlds Fair New York
gear002 1940 Woods Hole 50 Ft 1
gear003 1941 Maine 50 Ft 1
gear004 1939 Canada 1
gear005 1963 Westport Washington 1
gear006 1942 Vermont 1
gear007 1949 Nova Scotia 1
gear008 1950 Rockport- June 1
gear009 1943 Saguenay River 1
gear010 1952 Baby Charles James 1
gear011 1938 Santason Parade -Nov// Townsend 50 Ft Thanksgiving Day Boston MaNext to the Lab March 9th 1
gear012 Richfield Rd 1
gear013 1953-1956 Weekend NH Aunt Hannah 1953//Kitchener 1954//Wollaston 1955?//Maine & NH 1956 1
gear014 ? Ireland Part 3 1
gear015 1951 Edgartown 1
gear016 1948-1952 Marthas Vineyard 1948 April//The Elms NH Dec 1948//Mowhawk Trail Oct 1951//Marie & Henry’s Wedding Sept 27 1952 1
gear017 1938 Joseph Coneeny Age 8 Months 4-19-1938//Clam Bake Fairhaven Aug 1938 1
gear018 ? Hurricane 1
gear019 1956 Rockport 1
gear020 ? Townsend 1
gear021 ? 50ft Black Reel Unidentified 50 Ft 1
gear022 ? 100ft Grey Reel Unidentified Brown Case 100 Ft 1
gear023 ? 4ft No Reel Unidentified Silver Case 1
gear024 1963 Canadian Rockies August 1963 100 Ft 1
gear025 ? Billy, Bud & Larry 100 Ft 1
gear026 1963 Rockport Sept 1963 50 Ft 1

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  1. Shawn, Your film project is exciting, not only because you've got footage related to one of the artifacts in our collection. Film of family members and the trips they took is such a priceless way to learn about and celebrate the history of your family, too! Good luck as you continue your project!

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