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1865 meets 2015

1865 meets 2015. Born after you…Never would have met, nor be in the same space. Now we are 4 feet apart, physically in the same space, humans who would never have met. So here we are…sharing space, unfortunately only I know. Glad to hang with you! 1865 meets 2015.

Gearin Arlington, MA Heritage Online Comments & Editing

If you are familiar with old Arlington. MA or are a part of the Gearin family genealogy, then please help me with solving some genealogy family history information.  Send me your email and I will send you a historical document link hand written on the last day of my great aunt’s life.  If was transcribed […]

Remembering Our Deceased Loved Ones

When loved ones die it’s sad.  It’s a moment in life we wish would never happen.  However, we can remember, celebrate and learn from their life. Short of a statue in the park or tombstone, genealogy it’s one of the best ways to remember who we lost, loved and even despised. We can’t choose our family, but we can […]

1940 Worlds Fair

I have digitized the first film roll out of about 45 that I have. The first is the 8mm 1940 Worlds Fair filmed by Margaret and Helen Gearin.  See the on going film project here.   See the restored film here >1940 Worlds Fair< It does require a password that you can get from me if you […]

One Family Multiple Spellings

Gearin, Garen, Guerin, Gerarin, Garren In researching Gearin history, I have found the spelling of this surname spelled  different ways on government documents.  The spelling Garen showed up on Michael and Margaret’s Marriage certificate, their son William and wife Mary on the 1939 census of Arlington Ma as Guerin, and Gearin most everywhere else.  I spent […]

New Forum & Family Link Page

I have added a new forum and link page to the site.  Please use the forum to ask questions and for sharing research.  If you have a family website please add it to the link page so others can visit.  Both can be accessed at the top of this page on the tabs. Thanks. Shawn

New Changes to Site

After over a year of concentrating on  other website projects, I am about ready to begin updating  this site soon.   I have much more family information to add and would like to find new ways to get family members involved.  Drop me an email or add a comment if you have ideas – see […]

NC Bound

[mappress mapid=”3″] My family has now moved to North Carolina.  For what?  The weather.  For me Civil War History and weather!  I can be reached at 919-901-8094 for all genealogy questions.  Also please email or send a comment to this site- thank you! Shawn

What This Site s Apparently Worth?!

I came across this site that apparently puts $$$ values on websites. I have a few sites, but this one of mine was listed with a monetary value. Any buyers? 🙂 I’d say it’s worth that or at least something around that. Interesting site. Estimated Worth $1175.3 USD

I have been working on a new site that is related to my hometown of Newburyport, Ma.  Please drop by!  If you don’t know much about Newburyport it may bore you.  Let me know if it doesn’t.  Please go to History Your way!

Add Your Comment…

Please leave a comment you don’t mind being publicly view here. Say hi, call me a name or share your thought about the site!

Merry Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas to all of you! Best wishes for the New Year! Shawn

Site Privacy Update has just been updated to curb any privacy concerns that anyone may have. Well I still am convinced that more info is available on you at other sites, whether it be phone directories,, or town websites showing your home and tax info, I have still tightened privacy measures. Although the dead have no […]

This Celtic Guy’s 70 Music Playlist -Retro Addiction

What’s In A Name?

Not wanting this site to be about me I reluctantly write the following explanation of how having two families created my daughter Holly’s two surnames and also mine. My daughter Holly’s birth name is Holly Marie Gillis Gearin. It is also her legal name. Holly = We like the name Marie = After my adoptive […]

A Visit to Westview Cemetery Lexington, Ma

  Click for Grave Locations Coming home from Salem Ma, after a few days of Haunted Happenings on October 6, I had planned to stop at Westview Cemetery to find the grave of my godfather and Uncle William (Bill) Gearin. My wife Cheryl, daughter Holly and I found the cemetery with no trouble. Though once […]

A Visit to Watertown

2007 This second trip has brought me to Watertown, Ma. Watertown hold many dear memories for me as it is the town that many cousins, aunts and uncles lived, but more notably for me my grandparents George and Mary (Nelligan) Miller. I thought back to who I talked to last in Watertown and remembered last […]

We Moved to Milford, NH

My Family and I moved to Milford NH after 7 years in our old town a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I have neglected this site a bit, however everything about back to normal.  I have a few new blog posting almost ready to publish.  My new tn is 603-769-4908 if you’re interested in contacting me.  Shawn

Domain Name Craze @

I have this addiction of purchasing domain names for my site, usually late at night when one pops into my head. It always seemed like a good idea at the time, to have a few different ones pointing to the sight. If you are a Gearin then will work for you, or for […]

Thank Our Family Members Serving in the Military

The United States and most every other country on this planet exists because of their military. If you take the military away it wouldn’t be long until invaders start to show up and claim your land and force their way of life and beliefs on you. Please with me, lets offer 2 family members that […]

Cape Breton Photo Video

A great Cape Breton Video/Photo file.   Cape-Breton Another Video

Link An Individual From Your Site To CelticGenealogy

Are you are able to match an individual or family from your site to this site? If you can please forward me the url http:// address of that person or family on your site, and I will drop that address into the the person data file on my site linking it to your. This gives […]

How To Add A Person/Family/Photo/Document

          1. Under each person’s information there tabs called Submit Photo/Doc and Suggest. Click on this tab then explain to me the information you want added to that individual. 2. If you want to add a photo to a family member’s file click on the Submit Photo/Doc tab.  If you want to add […]

Press Release From NS Canadian Government

March 16th, 2007 Very Nice! Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistic Now Available Online 3-19-07 Tourism, Culture and Heritage March 16, 2007 10:33 Anyone interested in researching family history in Nova Scotia will soon be able to use the Internet to access historical vital statistics.Tourism, Culture and Heritage Minister Len Goucher announced today, March 16, the […]

Get Your Free Relationship Report

March 6th, 2007 If you’d like your very own How Are You Related PDF Report please give me your name and email through the comments section of this page or email me at I will send one to you within a day or two. The report will obviously help you see the family relation […]

Diving Deep Into The Census

26-Jan-2007 I am mainly concentrating on ripping information out of census reports – the last available one being 1930. The information reads like a book once you put all the information together. Can you say a long time? That is about how long it will take. However, it’s worth it, since the information and public […]

Trouble Relating to B&W & Sepia Photos?

January 6th, 2007 B&W & Sepia Photos (do to aging) in my opinion have always been responsible for the huge separation and alienation of present family members to relate to past family members. What? It’s hard to make a modern mental connection to a person or something” in modern times ” when there is a […]

Our Visit To Arlington

January 6th, 2007 So, Holly and I went to Arlington Ma on Dec 30th 2006 to visit my 1st cousin once removed Michael Gearin and his wife Catherine. They have 3 children who are my 1st cousins. It was a great visit since I haven’t seen Michael and Catherine for about 12 + years – […]

Looking For Final Resting Places Of Our Ancestors

Sept. 5 2007 In this project I am seeking the final resting places of all ancestors. I would like to have a gravestone photo or location of every person on this family site. If you would like to participate in this project please read on. This project enables our descendants in the future and now […]

SHAWNS Family Happenings

November 4th, 2006 This is a section to post happenings and photos on anything I want- usually life events. ================================================ Jan 11 2007 If you love music as much as I do then visit an incredible site called or This is a Russian based company and because of the huge exchange rate between […]

Updating Site – What’s Next

Updating Site – What’s Next June 25th, 2006 Currently I am making a few changes to the site. Trust me when I say changes, because you may see one thing on the site this week, but the following week it may be gone. I am experimenting on the best/s methods of documenting and exchanging information […]

Emailed > REF: Letter Malcolm H Gillis

June 17th, 2006 *Repsonse: Mr. Gearin: Attached are the three scans as requested by you along with our invoice for same. As mentioned on the invoice, the item no. 61 could not be done in one scan as indicated by Mr. Shutlak, hence the three scans. Hope you find them satisfactory. Regards, Gary Castle Castle […]

Gillis 2004 Family Reunion DVD GET YOUR COPY!

June 17th, 2006 If you are interested I have a dvd of the Aug 2004 Gillis Family Reunion at St Josephs Parish- Church and Hall. It has been edited with music and has a few extra scenes with my daughter Holly in it. Well I initially made the dvd for my mother and father Terri […]

Our Growing Site

June 16th, 2006 Our website is growing in many different ways. I am concentrating more on information access and easy accessibility to the different sections of this site. I am not so concerned with registering family members at this point, as much as I am, in giving them a good product once they do have […]

DNA and Genealogy

June 16th, 2006 I am not a big fan of DNA Genealogy Projects, for many reasons, one being that for me family relations are much more that who took whos mother to bed.  Did they stick around afterwards?  Who actually raised you?  Who were you around when you were growing up, and who had the […]

NEW MEMBER: Privacy Policy Information: PLEASE READ!

June 14th, 2006 1. Information on living individuals can only be accessed by registered family members. We do not post any incriminating or information not already known by other family members. Most information is public record aside from family stories. Genealogists and web surfers can only access information on the deceased. A Living individuals birth […]

Genealogy Daymare

What does daymare mean? So, why DAYMARE? Most people have one family tree with one set of parents; however this is not the case with my family tree. Being adopted has not stopped me from pursuing my adopted tree as well as my biological tree. Now you get it-2 sets of parents! Most genealogist say […]