1940 Worlds Fair

I have digitized the first film roll out of about 45 that I have. The first is the 8mm 1940 Worlds Fair filmed by Margaret and Helen Gearin.  See the on going film project here.   See the restored film here >1940 Worlds Fair< It does require a password that you can get from me if you are a traceable close relative.  Please email me at slgearin AT gmail.com I will email it back to you.  You also can download the clip for your own collection of family memorabilia.






You can see Helen Gearin, sister Margaret, and unidentified male looking into a fun house wavy mirror as Helen films into the mirror.


There is a third unidentifiable older male on the film wearing a white  hat that I am unable to identify.  If you know his identity please let me know!  It’s an awesome sight to see the 1940 Worlds Fair hosted at New York in COLOR!



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