Site Privacy Update has just been updated to curb any privacy concerns that anyone may have. Well I still am convinced that more info is available on you at other sites, whether it be phone directories,, or town websites showing your home and tax info, I have still tightened privacy measures.
Although the dead have no privacy (but that could be debateable), the living does. I believe it’s important to have both the living and the deceased on a genealogy site, as there are many benefits to this combination.

1. It puts in perspective clearly how you are related and allows you to pull reports.

2. Other close relatives would be able to recognize your initials, but curious web surfers will have no idea who you are.

3. You have have been added to a life long record that will someday allow all to know you were a member of this family. Not only were you a member, but this is where you fit in.

The new privacy shows your name as: Gearin, S.L or Gillis, T.A. Also, no birthdates, events are visible, and notes are not shown. Only with a private password are you able to view information on the living and only within your family line. For instance, a living, but non related Gillis won’t have living access privileges to a living Miller unless you are a Gillis and your mother is a Miller.

Again, a private member password allow full name access and indivisual information such as notes and passwords. I am the guard at the gate, so you’ll only receive the access you are entitled to. Honestly, there is never any information you would not want on the site.  With that said personally I am happy with the security/privacy measures I have taken. I hope you enjoy the site and want to add to it!
Like a puzzle piece, we all connect and make up an incredible story of life, love and death.

Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin

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