A Visit to Westview Cemetery Lexington, Ma


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Westview Cemetery Coming home from Salem Ma, after a few days of Haunted Happenings on October 6, I had planned to stop at Westview Cemetery to find the grave of my godfather and Uncle William (Bill) Gearin. My wife Cheryl, daughter Holly and I found the cemetery with no trouble. Though once we got there all the grave stones were not the upright marker but the flat type. Locating a grave when you can’t scan the names on them from a distance is like trying to find a needle in a haystack as the old saying goes. However, as luck would have it my wife Cheryl hollered over to me after only 15 minutes of searching the Northeast quadrant of the cemetery. I walked over to her and she said, “There is a Cynthia Ann Gearin here?” I forgot to tell Cheryl about Cynthia possibly being buried here. I figured once William was found Cynthia would not be to far away, if she was buried here at all, as they only died a month apart. After Cheryl finding Cynthia’ grave it only took 1 minute to locate my Uncle’s site. It was Southeast only about 18 feet away on the opposite side on a tree.

Looking down at Cynthia’s grave marker with my wife I looked up at Cheryl and remarked that she was born about the same year as Cynthia. Looking at my wife for a moment I thought how she may have looked if her life was not taken from her at such a young age of 24. Twenty-six years later and about 28 years since I last saw her in Watertown at a friendly restaurant I feel grateful to have met up with her again and pleased to have the technology to allow others to know of her and her life.

I can’t recall the last time I spent time with my Uncle, but I remember the fact he was my Godfather really meant something to me. For me it was an added personal connection to him my other brothers didn’t have. Well at least in my mind.
Remember them always,

Their nephew and 1st cousin


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