How To Add A Person/Family/Photo/Document

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1. Under each person’s information there tabs called Submit Photo/Doc and Suggest. Click on this tab then explain to me the information you want added to that individual.

2. If you want to add a photo to a family member’s file click on the Submit Photo/Doc tab.  If you want to add a new information or correct existing information click on the Suggest tab. If you want to add a new individual go to the mother’s or father’s info file and use their SUGGEST tab.

3. To add a whole family email me the gedcom file or a written explanation of who to enter and their relation to one another.  I will email you back a confirmation.  Please email me at

To add a family to an existing person please reference the individuals record number. ( Suggest a change: Earl Everett Scott (I232) ) in this case 232, in the email title or body so I will know who to attach the photo or document to.   Please email me if you have any questions.



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