Updating Site – What’s Next

Updating Site – What’s Next
June 25th, 2006
Currently I am making a few changes to the site. Trust me when I say changes, because you may see one thing on the site this week, but the following week it may be gone. I am experimenting on the best/s methods of documenting and exchanging information between members.
They are:
1. Beginning to photograph and locate grave sites of ancestors. You may contribute any photos you may have and receive credit as the source. Email me slgearin@celticgenealogy.org I have started with my biological G Grandfather and my Adopted Mother.
2. I have contacted the Canadian Archives for letters or notes on family members. Yes it cost money to get copies $$ from them, so if you have any (not money- docs) that you’d like to contribute please let me know.
3. I want your site or family homepage listed on this site. You have a lot to say, and if you want to share we’d like to see! I used to have a link page but got rid of it. Now I need it back- soon!

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