Trouble Relating to B&W & Sepia Photos?


January 6th, 2007
B&W & Sepia Photos (do to aging) in my opinion have always been responsible for the huge separation and alienation of present family members to relate to past family members.
What? It’s hard to make a modern mental connection to a person or something” in modern times ” when there is a lack of color and a smile (no smile due to the slow shutter speeds lenses had in the past). B&W photos look old and that is a problem as you try to relate to that image “today”.  We cannot relate to the styles, whether it be clothing, or hair.   Everything in that photo is “REALLY” in color (obviously) and if you were in that photo 100 YRS ago everything (color wise) would probably look the same (I.E. grass color, sky ect..) as it does today. However, trying to mentally see those family members moving in color can become a challenge. Does anyone have a color photo taken in the early part of the 20th century (say 1925-1935)?
Also, does anyone have a effective way to link the past with the present so younger people/children can appreciate the fact that the reality of yesterday -color etc – really is the color of today!
Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin

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