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November 4th, 2006
This is a section to post happenings and photos on anything I want- usually life events.
Jan 11 2007
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4 Nov 2006
We adopted a 4 year old Greyhound from the Seabrook NH Track. His race name is Taken To Extreme The adoption center @ the track called him Ex-Man. We call him Lex, although Holly wants to call him EX- Man. We fenced in our yard to allow him to run. The dog is like a kangaroo- huge strides. He could probably cover the entire length of the yard in 6 strides (over 300 ft) – you get the point.
Obviously, he is the fastest dog we ever had. He is actually the 2nd fastest accelerating land animal on the planet after the Cheetah! 0 – 45 mph in 1.5 seconds. Check this out!

Dog VS Car Race

After 128 races at Seabrook it’s time to retire. It’s funny though, we have to teach him to climb stairs. It’s not easy to teach a 78 lb dog how to climb stairs, especially when you have to pick him up after 10 minutes of trying.
He is basically a puppy in an adults body. He know one thing only, and that is how to run. He’s off to puppy training class to learn how to be a dog/pet.

See Lex’s genealogy:


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