Our Visit To Arlington

January 6th, 2007
So, Holly and I went to Arlington Ma on Dec 30th 2006 to visit my 1st cousin once removed Michael Gearin and his wife Catherine. They have 3 children who are my 1st cousins. It was a great visit since I haven’t seen Michael and Catherine for about 12 + years – the last being at my mother’s wake at Newburyport. We got to hang out and catch up on family. My great aunt Florence was also there and it was great to see her looking and doing so well. Florence married Walter Gearin, unfortunately Walter past away on the 4th of July 2000.
Thanks to the generosity of Michael and Catherine Gearin I have a copy of a 17 page handwritten account of the Gearin family of Arlington Ma by Helen Gearin – Helen is Walters Sister and my great aunt. Signed by her on 25 Dec 1982 – I believe the day before she died.
Though, born a Gillis, but raised a Gearin this is branch of my family I have neglected for a while. The neglect was do to a lack of available time with 2 genealogy family trees and information on this branch. Someday I will show up on a census living at 5 Walnut St Newburyport under Gearin. My brother Scott is a biological Gearin and looks like a Gearin.
Michael Gearin looks also like a Gearin and in my opinion has a young Edward (Bud) Gearin look. Though, not quite 6’5 like Bud (my uncle). Bud was a very big man. On the other hand I do not look like a Gearin, however I can talk my way through a family reunion with the best of them. Reason is, I am as much a Gearin as my bother Scott. I’ve been to both the Arlington homes, had the visit from Bud and Virginia and got to know Cindy before she past away. My father Larry’s brother William (Bill) was dubbed as my Godfather, we went to the Falkinghams in Lexington for the 4th of July for many years (friend of my father Larry). The only thing I lacked was family history. Thanks to Helen, for her forethought into the future value of this information, we all now have it to pass on!
Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin
New Ipswich, NH
5 Jan 2006


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