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June 16th, 2006
Our website is growing in many different ways. I am concentrating more on information access and easy accessibility to the different sections of this site. I am not so concerned with registering family members at this point, as much as I am, in giving them a good product once they do have full access. Hopefully, the family information that I am lacking, I will be able to obtain once the majority of the family have been notified of the site, and has been given access.
Again, I want this to be your site or our site, not my site. Even though I am financially responsible for it being here, and I have countless hours of research and site design put into it- I still need the support and knowledge of the family. I want registered individuals to have the ability to add information to their own family instantly so they can see the changes once they are entered. Nice eh? The ability is already built into the web page design, but I have not given that access out as of yet. Why? Because I have my main database on my computer in a gedcom file and any changes to the site needs to also be loaded into my main off line file. I’d rather upload new info onto the website than the reverse. You already have the ability to make suggestions to a individuals file. This link is on the individuals data page.
Top 25 Names Listed On This Site 1. Gillis (73) 2. Beaton (54) 3. MacDonald (39) 4. Macfarlane (37) 5. Harper (35) 6. MacNeil (23) 7. MacMaster (18) 8. Campbell (15) 9. Nelligan (14) 10. Gearin (13) 11. [no surname] (9) 12. Miller (9) 13. Robinson (7) 14. MacDougall (7) 15. Scott (7) 16. Power (6) 17. Cameron (5) 18. Healey (4) 19. Izzo (4) 20. Hoar (4) 21. MacDonell (3) 22. Bleau (2) 23. Stevens (2) 24. MacEachern (2) 25. Fitzgerald (2) Gaffney( )
Happy exploring to you on this new adventure!

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