NEW MEMBER: Privacy Policy Information: PLEASE READ!

June 14th, 2006
1. Information on living individuals can only be accessed by registered family members. We do not post any incriminating or information not already known by other family members. Most information is public record aside from family stories. Genealogists and web surfers can only access information on the deceased. A Living individuals birth date, etc are also not viewable and their names are abbreviated. This site has the right to limit access to any individual at any time if it is not in the best interest of the family and this site.

2. We do not sell your email address or address. I do use it to keep in contact with you

3. We have you register because as a family member you are able to access information on living individuals. Non family member have only access to data on deceased individuals. Photos, history and documents linked to a living individual are also off limits. Definition of a family member. Currently Celtic Genealogy’s definition of a family member is anyone who is connected and can show to the administrator of this site that connection, whether through marriage, adoption or blood. When you register it is assumed you are registering because you are a family member. You need to tell us in the comments section when you register how you are related,  showing us your name and parents at a minimum or you will be denied access to living individual data. You will still be registered, but your access rights will be changed to only access the deceased. If you’re a genealogist doing research you won’t find this a problem.
4.We want you to have access to learn more about where you came from and those who came before you. If you have any information or photos to contribute please contact me.  This genealogy is online to easily allow you to contribute and/or find inaccuracies which otherwise may go unnoticed by myself or others.

5. If you feel a need not to be listed as a family member on the site please email me.  However with all due respect this genealogy project is larger than any one person and your name at the very least will be listed with no other identifying information.  We take privacy seriously and we are not the ones you need to worry about in cyber space.


I want you and your family to feel comfortable with this project and consider this site yours as well. Always let me know if you don’t feel comfortable with a post or image that I display publicly. If you notice again, specific photos that should be be private let me know. It is possible, in error a document is uploaded from my main database at my home and gets displayed and it references living individuals. Please let me know if this happens and I will fix it immediately. A living individual attached to a photo or document, should not allow that document to be displayed, unless you are signed in and registered. This means rights are given to you and your family or more specifically all the people on the document/pic and/or direct ancesters/decendants of the referenced family members on the file. If you notice errors in data, please let me know asap. We all strive to be 100% accurate -and our future descendants will appreciate that.

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