Genealogy Daymare

What does daymare mean?

So, why DAYMARE? Most people have one family tree with one set of parents; however this is not the case with my family tree. Being adopted has not stopped me from pursuing my adopted tree as well as my biological tree. Now you get it-2 sets of parents! Most genealogist say that the biological side is the only side you should be documenting in a tree, and most agree with this. I am much more open minded than that. By not documenting my family tree on my adopted side would be ignoring the family that raised me. It had been the only family I had ever known up until my early 20’s when I met my biological mother and father. I am as much a (Gearin- Miller) mentally as I am a (Gillis- MacNeil) biologically. I struggled for months as to how to set up my family tree. Should I have two family tree files and web sites or just one. One finally won out and I’ll tell you why. I chose 2 family trees on one gedcom file. I can easily run reports and create separate trees, but I find it more fun comparing the 2 trees together. Both families share similar relatives and ancestors, so the main reason for the project is to unearth those connections. So having to do double duty finding information on both families is a nightmare, but because it’s something I can’t do in my sleep.  Well welcome to my daymare.
Two times everything, x4 x8 x16 x32 etc.  Welcome.

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