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If you are familiar with old Arlington. MA or are a part of the Gearin family genealogy, then please help me with solving some genealogy family history information.  Send me your email and I will send you a historical document link hand written on the last day of my great aunt’s life.  If was transcribed by me to a digital format a few years ago.  If you are good with Arlington, Ma history, and would like to help me solve some of the information I could not transcribe, then please contact me at for access to the document on Microsoft One Drive.  Basically a word document.

Gearin History

Gearin History


Thank You

Shawn Gearin

Remembering Our Deceased Loved Ones

When loved ones die it’s sad.  It’s a moment in life we wish would never happen.  However, we can remember, celebrate and learn from their life. Short of a statue in the park or tombstone, genealogy it’s one of the best ways to remember who we lost, loved and even despised.

We can’t choose our family, but we can choose how we remember them, and how our descendants will in the future.  The memory of you will only last as long as those who remember you are alive.  Sad really.  Unless you wrote a book, or were a public figure, your memory could be shorter than a few generations.  Some say I don’t care if I am remembered once I’m gone.  That’s fair, but after death the government states that the dead have no rights.  I disagree.  We need to be fair.  We don’t record hate relationships between individuals unless it’s a small note in a much large family story.   As a genealogist we don’t judge or create a false reality of an individual’s life.  We record data of our family’s history.  When we make mistakes we seek other’s to point those errors out.

So with that said, we will start an individual family history record that shows where one is buried and tells the story of their life.  We hope you will participate and tell all you know.  We are in this together.  Lets build a history that is truly deserving of our heritage.   Visit an individual’s file, and if you have something to add to that person’s history, such as a photo, document, correction, data, or a story please do so!

To learn how to contribute please visit this post.

Thank you


Below left is the file of George Miller with lots of information.  The file on the right of Donald MacMaster needs your help!

Happy File!

Happy File!


Sad File


1940 Worlds Fair

I have digitized the first film roll out of about 45 that I have. The first is the 8mm 1940 Worlds Fair filmed by Margaret and Helen Gearin.  See the on going film project here.   See the restored film here >1940 Worlds Fair< It does require a password that you can get from me if you are a traceable close relative.  Please email me at slgearin AT I will email it back to you.  You also can download the clip for your own collection of family memorabilia.






You can see Helen Gearin, sister Margaret, and unidentified male looking into a fun house wavy mirror as Helen films into the mirror.


There is a third unidentifiable older male on the film wearing a white  hat that I am unable to identify.  If you know his identity please let me know!  It’s an awesome sight to see the 1940 Worlds Fair hosted at New York in COLOR!



Thank You,



One Family Multiple Spellings

Gearin, Garen, Guerin, Gerarin, Garren

In researching Gearin history, I have found the spelling of this surname spelled  different ways on government documents.  The spelling Garen showed up on Michael and Margaret’s Marriage certificate, their son William and wife Mary on the 1939 census of Arlington Ma as Guerin, and Gearin most everywhere else.  I spent a while looking for Michael Gearin on the 1900 census.  No one in his family pulled up on the 1900 census.  After looking for a neighbor that I found on the 1910 census, I was able to pull this neighbor up on the 1900 census.  Next to his info was Michael Gearin and family spelled Gerarin.  For some reason this spelling was different enough for Soundex matches not to pull it up.  This is probably a regular occurance on official U.S documents.  I can only contribute this to the document preparer or writer assuming the spelling without verifying it with the family, or perhaps transcribing it off another form in error.  Either way it adds time to the search for mispelled, but offical valid documents.  So search all possible spelling of your surname to cover all possible variations.  Michael Gearin also could not read or write like most Irish immigrants in the mid 1800’s, but more importantly exact name spelling was not as important back in the day as it is now.  It’s very likely the census taker never asked how to spell Gearin, if Gearin is even the correct spelling, and just spelled it how he or she thought it was  spelled.


New Changes to Site

After over a year of concentrating on  other website projects, I am about ready to begin updating  this site soon.   I have much more family information to add and would like to find new ways to get family members involved.  Drop me an email or add a comment if you have ideas – see you soon!


NC Bound

[mappress mapid=”3″] My family has now moved to North Carolina.  For what?  The weather.  For me Civil War History and weather!  I can be reached at 919-901-8094 for all genealogy questions.  Also please email or send a comment to this site- thank you!


I have been working on a new site that is related to my hometown of Newburyport, Ma.  Please drop by!  If you don’t know much about Newburyport it may bore you.  Let me know if it doesn’t.  Please go to History Your way!

Site Privacy Update has just been updated to curb any privacy concerns that anyone may have. Well I still am convinced that more info is available on you at other sites, whether it be phone directories,, or town websites showing your home and tax info, I have still tightened privacy measures.
Although the dead have no privacy (but that could be debateable), the living does. I believe it’s important to have both the living and the deceased on a genealogy site, as there are many benefits to this combination.

1. It puts in perspective clearly how you are related and allows you to pull reports.

2. Other close relatives would be able to recognize your initials, but curious web surfers will have no idea who you are.

3. You have have been added to a life long record that will someday allow all to know you were a member of this family. Not only were you a member, but this is where you fit in.

The new privacy shows your name as: Gearin, S.L or Gillis, T.A. Also, no birthdates, events are visible, and notes are not shown. Only with a private password are you able to view information on the living and only within your family line. For instance, a living, but non related Gillis won’t have living access privileges to a living Miller unless you are a Gillis and your mother is a Miller.

Again, a private member password allow full name access and indivisual information such as notes and passwords. I am the guard at the gate, so you’ll only receive the access you are entitled to. Honestly, there is never any information you would not want on the site.  With that said personally I am happy with the security/privacy measures I have taken. I hope you enjoy the site and want to add to it!
Like a puzzle piece, we all connect and make up an incredible story of life, love and death.

Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin

What’s In A Name?

Not wanting this site to be about me I reluctantly write the following explanation of how having two families created my daughter Holly’s two surnames and also mine.

My daughter Holly’s birth name is Holly Marie Gillis Gearin. It is also her legal name.

Holly = We like the name

Marie = After my adoptive mother who raised me.

Gillis = After her biological family lineage.

Gearin = After her father’s (me) legally adoptive surname.

Knowing that my daughter was legally given this name, I for years have though about how best to describe myself in a way that connects both my families. Though my legal name is Shawn Lawrence Gearin my original birth certificate shows Malcolm Adrian Gillis. My birth father has the same name.

I have thought about amending or updating my name legally to reflect how I see myself, but have decided against it. Besides the obvious of having to pay for the change, it makes no difference to me whether the State recognizes this change. I am Shawn L Gearin in the world of bills and bank statements, but Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin in the world of genealogy and who ever else cares to know. I believe the work I have done in genealogy will long outlast any state information and it is here I pull the two families together as one. Not in a legal document, but in my daughter and myself.

So my name:

Shawn = Because my Mother liked the name.

Lawrence = After my adoptive father Lawrence J Gearin, but also after my adoptive G-Grandfather Lawrence Francis Gaffney.

Gillis = Due to the fact that I am biologically 1/2 a Gillis – 1/2 a MacNeil.

Gearin = My legal adoptive name, but also how I was raised as.

Twice the names, twice the genealogy, but not twice the time to sort it all out. What will my epitaph say?

Thanks for listening,

Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin

A Visit to Westview Cemetery Lexington, Ma


Click for Grave Locations

Westview Cemetery Coming home from Salem Ma, after a few days of Haunted Happenings on October 6, I had planned to stop at Westview Cemetery to find the grave of my godfather and Uncle William (Bill) Gearin. My wife Cheryl, daughter Holly and I found the cemetery with no trouble. Though once we got there all the grave stones were not the upright marker but the flat type. Locating a grave when you can’t scan the names on them from a distance is like trying to find a needle in a haystack as the old saying goes. However, as luck would have it my wife Cheryl hollered over to me after only 15 minutes of searching the Northeast quadrant of the cemetery. I walked over to her and she said, “There is a Cynthia Ann Gearin here?” I forgot to tell Cheryl about Cynthia possibly being buried here. I figured once William was found Cynthia would not be to far away, if she was buried here at all, as they only died a month apart. After Cheryl finding Cynthia’ grave it only took 1 minute to locate my Uncle’s site. It was Southeast only about 18 feet away on the opposite side on a tree.

Looking down at Cynthia’s grave marker with my wife I looked up at Cheryl and remarked that she was born about the same year as Cynthia. Looking at my wife for a moment I thought how she may have looked if her life was not taken from her at such a young age of 24. Twenty-six years later and about 28 years since I last saw her in Watertown at a friendly restaurant I feel grateful to have met up with her again and pleased to have the technology to allow others to know of her and her life.

I can’t recall the last time I spent time with my Uncle, but I remember the fact he was my Godfather really meant something to me. For me it was an added personal connection to him my other brothers didn’t have. Well at least in my mind.
Remember them always,

Their nephew and 1st cousin


A Visit to Watertown

shawn gearin.jpg 2007

This second trip has brought me to Watertown, Ma. Watertown hold many dear memories for me as it is the town that many cousins, aunts and uncles lived, but more notably for me my grandparents George and Mary (Nelligan) Miller.

I thought back to who I talked to last in Watertown and remembered last year I talked with Fran Nelligan, who is the daughter of Francis Benedict and Gertrude (Rayne) Nelligan. I thought who better to ask for help in regards to my trip back to Watertown, for Fran and her family lived across the street from my grandparents. More specifically both lived on the same side of Summer St being only separated by Winter St. Winter St is one of those roads you’d never want to be on during an ice or snow storm due to its steep slope. I met my first cousins once removed Alice, Audrey and Fran Nelligan at Friendlys in Waltham, Ma on 22 July 2007. We talked and shared a few photos and family memories. Fran had some time that day to show me around town so we departed for Watertown.

Walking in St Patricks Cemetery didn’t bring back any memories for me, because I never attended my Grandmothers Funeral. Neither I, nor my 2 brothers attended and being age 11 at the time I’m sure it was how my mother wanted it. My mother Doris was the daughter of George and Mary Miller. I attended my Grandfather’s wake, but never attended the funeral due to a prior contractual wedding obligation. So walking though St Patricks was foreign to me, however it was a great education. Here is a birds eye view of St Patrick’s Cemetery showing family member grave locations. Please click to enlarge.

Nelligans, MacMaster & Miller Grave

In my hand was about 8 old photographs of my aunts, uncle and mother. I wanted to photograph at the same spot as the photos were taken to show how the area has changed and what still remains the same.

Saltonstall pk Watertown, Ma

I photographed many sites of family history relating to the Miller & Nelligan family. I am slowly added them to the site over the next few weeks. Thank you Alice, Audrey and Fran for your time that Sunday!

We Moved to Milford, NH

My Family and I moved to Milford NH after 7 years in our old town a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, I have neglected this site a bit, however everything about back to normal.  I have a few new blog posting almost ready to publish.  My new tn is 603-769-4908 if you’re interested in contacting me. 


Domain Name Craze @

I have this addiction of purchasing domain names for my site, usually late at night when one pops into my head. It always seemed like a good idea at the time, to have a few different ones pointing to the sight. If you are a Gearin then will work for you, or for Gillises. Maybe you want the I like, however it is about 9 or so letters longer than I would like. Some domains are family names, but some just tell you what you may encounter before you get there.

If anyone has an idea for one of these domain names, please let me know. They’re cheap enough to buy, but after a while you wonder why? Why do I need more than 2 or 3 or 8? Cool domain names are hard to come buy these days, so perhaps that’s the draw for me? At $8.95 a name I suppose it could be worse…


Thank Our Family Members Serving in the Military

The United States and most every other country on this planet exists because of their military. If you take the military away it wouldn’t be long until invaders start to show up and claim your land and force their way of life and beliefs on you. Please with me, lets offer 2 family members that I know of our gratitude and thanks for keeping the United States strong and safe.

James J Robinson US Army Guard- Now serving in Kosovo 2006-

Michael Izzo 2003 West Point Graduate- Now serving in Iraq 2006-

I have the the most respect for these individuals putting their life on the line for the United States and their mission! They had to leave their family and friends – please show your support for them and all who are serving!


Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin


Link An Individual From Your Site To CelticGenealogy

Are you are able to match an individual or family from your site to this site? If you can please forward me the url http:// address of that person or family on your site, and I will drop that address into the the person data file on my site linking it to your. This gives a researcher or visitor another avenue to travel down for reseach. You may also link to anyone of my person data files as each person’s ID# will never change.

How To Add A Person/Family/Photo/Document

how-to.jpg      Send-Photo



1. Under each person’s information there tabs called Submit Photo/Doc and Suggest. Click on this tab then explain to me the information you want added to that individual.

2. If you want to add a photo to a family member’s file click on the Submit Photo/Doc tab.  If you want to add a new information or correct existing information click on the Suggest tab. If you want to add a new individual go to the mother’s or father’s info file and use their SUGGEST tab.

3. To add a whole family email me the gedcom file or a written explanation of who to enter and their relation to one another.  I will email you back a confirmation.  Please email me at

To add a family to an existing person please reference the individuals record number. ( Suggest a change: Earl Everett Scott (I232) ) in this case 232, in the email title or body so I will know who to attach the photo or document to.   Please email me if you have any questions.



Press Release From NS Canadian Government

March 16th, 2007

Very Nice!
Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistic Now Available Online 3-19-07
Tourism, Culture and Heritage
March 16, 2007 10:33

Anyone interested in researching family history in Nova Scotia will soon be able to use the Internet to access historical vital statistics.Tourism, Culture and Heritage Minister Len Goucher announced today, March 16, the launch of a new website that contains a database of one million historical birth, marriage and death registrations in Nova Scotia dating back to 1864.”Learning more about our past enriches our lives, our families and our communities,” said Mr. Goucher. “This new resource will provide us with instant access to our ancestry and heritage and enable us to share it with others.”The new website, developed in partnership with Unisys Canada Inc., is the latest innovative product from Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management. Starting Monday, March 19, visitors to can view high-quality digitized images of original records online by simply entering a person’s name. They can even order electronic files or paper copies of these records online.
“This is among the first and largest projects of its kind in Canada and will be of immense value to genealogists,” said Provincial Archivist Brian Speirs. “It is the culmination of more than three years of work involving numerous partners and stakeholders within and outside government.”
It began with the transfer of historical records from Nova Scotia Vital Statistics to Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management in 2004. This is a process that will continue at a rate of approximately 12,000 additional records annually.
“Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations is pleased to partner with Tourism, Culture and Heritage to improve electronic service delivery,” said Liz Crowley Meagher, deputy registrar general, Vital Statistics. “Nova Scotians want to do business with government online and on their own time, so providing accessible services like this to communities across the province is a priority.”
Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management acquires, preserves and makes available the province’s documentary heritage.

FOR BROADCAST USE:Anyone interested in researching family history in NovaScotia will soon be able to use the Internet to accesshistorical vital statistics.
Starting Monday (March 19th), visitors to W-W-W dot nova
scotia genealogy dot COM will be able to instantly access a
database of one million original birth, marriage or death
records dating back to 1864.
Tourism, Culture and Heritage Minister Len Goucher says the
new resource will be of immense value to genealogists and anyone
who wants to learn more about their past.
The new website is the latest innovative product from Nova
Scotia Archives and Records Management. It is among the first
and largest projects of its kind in Canada and part of the
province’s commitment to provide accessible services to
communities throughout Nova Scotia.
– 30 –
Media Contact: Lois Yorke
Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management

Get Your Free Relationship Report

March 6th, 2007
If you’d like your very own How Are You Related PDF Report please give me your name and email through the comments section of this page or email me at I will send one to you within a day or two. The report will obviously help you see the family relation that you have with each person. To get a report you must register [Register Here] which is also free.

This program below shows the relationship between family members. You can now see what a first cousin once removed is!Relative Program


Diving Deep Into The Census



I am mainly concentrating on ripping information out of census reports – the last available one being 1930. The information reads like a book once you put all the information together. Can you say a long time? That is about how long it will take. However, it’s worth it, since the information and public records on their own, is a very hard book to read. Put all records and public documents together, and it’s now a story!
If you are a part of this family and would like me to concentrate on your branch let me know. For me it doesn’t matter what branch I’m working on as long as I’m gaining information.
God Bless

Trouble Relating to B&W & Sepia Photos?


January 6th, 2007
B&W & Sepia Photos (do to aging) in my opinion have always been responsible for the huge separation and alienation of present family members to relate to past family members.
What? It’s hard to make a modern mental connection to a person or something” in modern times ” when there is a lack of color and a smile (no smile due to the slow shutter speeds lenses had in the past). B&W photos look old and that is a problem as you try to relate to that image “today”.  We cannot relate to the styles, whether it be clothing, or hair.   Everything in that photo is “REALLY” in color (obviously) and if you were in that photo 100 YRS ago everything (color wise) would probably look the same (I.E. grass color, sky ect..) as it does today. However, trying to mentally see those family members moving in color can become a challenge. Does anyone have a color photo taken in the early part of the 20th century (say 1925-1935)?
Also, does anyone have a effective way to link the past with the present so younger people/children can appreciate the fact that the reality of yesterday -color etc – really is the color of today!
Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin

Our Visit To Arlington

January 6th, 2007
So, Holly and I went to Arlington Ma on Dec 30th 2006 to visit my 1st cousin once removed Michael Gearin and his wife Catherine. They have 3 children who are my 1st cousins. It was a great visit since I haven’t seen Michael and Catherine for about 12 + years – the last being at my mother’s wake at Newburyport. We got to hang out and catch up on family. My great aunt Florence was also there and it was great to see her looking and doing so well. Florence married Walter Gearin, unfortunately Walter past away on the 4th of July 2000.
Thanks to the generosity of Michael and Catherine Gearin I have a copy of a 17 page handwritten account of the Gearin family of Arlington Ma by Helen Gearin – Helen is Walters Sister and my great aunt. Signed by her on 25 Dec 1982 – I believe the day before she died.
Though, born a Gillis, but raised a Gearin this is branch of my family I have neglected for a while. The neglect was do to a lack of available time with 2 genealogy family trees and information on this branch. Someday I will show up on a census living at 5 Walnut St Newburyport under Gearin. My brother Scott is a biological Gearin and looks like a Gearin.
Michael Gearin looks also like a Gearin and in my opinion has a young Edward (Bud) Gearin look. Though, not quite 6’5 like Bud (my uncle). Bud was a very big man. On the other hand I do not look like a Gearin, however I can talk my way through a family reunion with the best of them. Reason is, I am as much a Gearin as my bother Scott. I’ve been to both the Arlington homes, had the visit from Bud and Virginia and got to know Cindy before she past away. My father Larry’s brother William (Bill) was dubbed as my Godfather, we went to the Falkinghams in Lexington for the 4th of July for many years (friend of my father Larry). The only thing I lacked was family history. Thanks to Helen, for her forethought into the future value of this information, we all now have it to pass on!
Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin
New Ipswich, NH
5 Jan 2006

Looking For Final Resting Places Of Our Ancestors

Sept. 5 2007

In this project I am seeking the final resting places of all ancestors. I would like to have a gravestone photo or location of every person on this family site. If you would like to participate in this project please read on. This project enables our descendants in the future and now to pay a visit to that grave site and be close to an ancestor they only have read or heard about. It definitely brings genealogy alive!

“Where are they?”

Click here to see found family member burial sites.
If you own or have access to a GPS you can forward me the coordinates of the grave stone. Then we can then use those coordinates in Google Maps and Google Earth to find the site. This data will be added to the deceased person’s file for all to use in visiting the site.

If you can please provide any of the following information – the name of cemetery / location/ name of deceased, person ID (exp. I94) and GPS coordinates. Contact me by leaving a comment below, via email or call me.  You will be credited as the source.

George and Mary (Nelligan) Miller



SHAWNS Family Happenings

November 4th, 2006
This is a section to post happenings and photos on anything I want- usually life events.
Jan 11 2007
If you love music as much as I do then visit an incredible site called or
This is a Russian based company and because of the huge exchange rate between the dollar and the rubal one some can cost you 5 cents. The quality of the download is equal to or higher than other sites out there! Don’t take my word for it > go!!!!!!!!
You can thank me later. ================================================
4 Nov 2006
We adopted a 4 year old Greyhound from the Seabrook NH Track. His race name is Taken To Extreme The adoption center @ the track called him Ex-Man. We call him Lex, although Holly wants to call him EX- Man. We fenced in our yard to allow him to run. The dog is like a kangaroo- huge strides. He could probably cover the entire length of the yard in 6 strides (over 300 ft) – you get the point.
Obviously, he is the fastest dog we ever had. He is actually the 2nd fastest accelerating land animal on the planet after the Cheetah! 0 – 45 mph in 1.5 seconds. Check this out!

Dog VS Car Race

After 128 races at Seabrook it’s time to retire. It’s funny though, we have to teach him to climb stairs. It’s not easy to teach a 78 lb dog how to climb stairs, especially when you have to pick him up after 10 minutes of trying.
He is basically a puppy in an adults body. He know one thing only, and that is how to run. He’s off to puppy training class to learn how to be a dog/pet.

See Lex’s genealogy:


Updating Site – What’s Next

Updating Site – What’s Next
June 25th, 2006
Currently I am making a few changes to the site. Trust me when I say changes, because you may see one thing on the site this week, but the following week it may be gone. I am experimenting on the best/s methods of documenting and exchanging information between members.
They are:
1. Beginning to photograph and locate grave sites of ancestors. You may contribute any photos you may have and receive credit as the source. Email me I have started with my biological G Grandfather and my Adopted Mother.
2. I have contacted the Canadian Archives for letters or notes on family members. Yes it cost money to get copies $$ from them, so if you have any (not money- docs) that you’d like to contribute please let me know.
3. I want your site or family homepage listed on this site. You have a lot to say, and if you want to share we’d like to see! I used to have a link page but got rid of it. Now I need it back- soon!

Emailed > REF: Letter Malcolm H Gillis

June 17th, 2006
Mr. Gearin:
Attached are the three scans as requested by you along with our invoice for same. As mentioned on the invoice, the item no. 61 could not be done in one scan as indicated by Mr. Shutlak, hence the three scans.
Hope you find them satisfactory.
Gary Castle
Castle Photographic Service
16 Towerview Court
Lantz, NS B2S 1N8
(902) 883-4433

pg 1pg2

Copyright 2006 Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management
Web Site:
Is it possible to have this file digitalized? If there is a expense let me know. Malcolm H Gillis is my G Grandfather. His site is I would like to include this file on the site. Thanks Shawn
MG 1, vol. 2660, no. 61 Malcolm H. Gillis, Margaree, Inverness Co., to Rev. A. MacLean Sinclair. (note: Requests copies of – see MG 1, vol. 2660, no. 62.) 22 January 1891

Mr Shawn GearinGood Afternoon:The item in question is a two page letter but can be scanned as one item. We suggest you contact our photographers, Castle Photographic re costs, their e-mail address is image@ns.sympatico.caIf you decide to use this item on your web site, you should write us for copyright clearance of the item. The items should be cited as NSARM along with the Collection name, MG ,volume number and item number. Yours Sincerely,Garry D ShutlakSenior Reference Archivist
Public Services
Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management
6016 University Avenue
Halifax, NS, B3H 1W4
Telephone: 902 424-6080
Facsimile: 902 424-0628
Web Site:

Gillis 2004 Family Reunion DVD GET YOUR COPY!

June 17th, 2006
If you are interested I have a dvd of the Aug 2004 Gillis Family Reunion at St Josephs Parish- Church and Hall. It has been edited with music and has a few extra scenes with my daughter Holly in it. Well I initially made the dvd for my mother and father Terri (MacNeil) and Malcolm A Gillis. However, it is a good view of the events of the day. I did not set out to film the function, but it will bring back memories of the day. I do ask $15.00 to cover the cost of copying, mailing and packaging the dvd. A small price to pay for another persons view of the event. Yes, if you bust your dvd up in a fit of rage or accidentally scratch the heck out of it- I’ll send you another free- no postage – no questions, no investigation.
To get your copy either:
1. Call me @ 919-284-2394 – ask for Shawn- if you’re a distant relative.
2. Send your $$$ to:
Shawn Gearin
C/O CelticGenealogy
929 Barnes Lake Rd
Middlesex, NC 27557
Allow 2 weeks for delivery. Thats it!
See Ya at the next one!

Our Growing Site

June 16th, 2006
Our website is growing in many different ways. I am concentrating more on information access and easy accessibility to the different sections of this site. I am not so concerned with registering family members at this point, as much as I am, in giving them a good product once they do have full access. Hopefully, the family information that I am lacking, I will be able to obtain once the majority of the family have been notified of the site, and has been given access.
Again, I want this to be your site or our site, not my site. Even though I am financially responsible for it being here, and I have countless hours of research and site design put into it- I still need the support and knowledge of the family. I want registered individuals to have the ability to add information to their own family instantly so they can see the changes once they are entered. Nice eh? The ability is already built into the web page design, but I have not given that access out as of yet. Why? Because I have my main database on my computer in a gedcom file and any changes to the site needs to also be loaded into my main off line file. I’d rather upload new info onto the website than the reverse. You already have the ability to make suggestions to a individuals file. This link is on the individuals data page.
Top 25 Names Listed On This Site 1. Gillis (73) 2. Beaton (54) 3. MacDonald (39) 4. Macfarlane (37) 5. Harper (35) 6. MacNeil (23) 7. MacMaster (18) 8. Campbell (15) 9. Nelligan (14) 10. Gearin (13) 11. [no surname] (9) 12. Miller (9) 13. Robinson (7) 14. MacDougall (7) 15. Scott (7) 16. Power (6) 17. Cameron (5) 18. Healey (4) 19. Izzo (4) 20. Hoar (4) 21. MacDonell (3) 22. Bleau (2) 23. Stevens (2) 24. MacEachern (2) 25. Fitzgerald (2) Gaffney( )
Happy exploring to you on this new adventure!

DNA and Genealogy

June 16th, 2006
I am not a big fan of DNA Genealogy Projects, for many reasons, one being that for me family relations are much more that who took whos mother to bed.  Did they stick around afterwards?  Who actually raised you?  Who were you around when you were growing up, and who had the greatest influence on you?  So testing to prove you belong to a specific family or group is not productive in my mind.  It shouldn’t be used to single out specific individuals and used in a neg way as to say- well he raised you but unfortunately he’s not you’re real father.  Anyway- you get the point!?  If you don’t, contact me and I’ll explain futher.
So I came across an email sent to me recently, since I belong to a email news group for Cape Breton, and it was titled “DNA GENEALOGY PROJECTS”  I though to myself oh boy here comes the genealogy nazis trying to promote the separation of church and state or in my mind the separation of mother and son.  However, I was wrong on this one- the message was quite interesting and it opened up the of where did our decendents come from prior to populating the Scotland and Ireland mainland?  Ready the message as they do a better job in explaining it: MESSAGE STARTS HERE>>>
Hello Glen,I am one of the administrators of the Clan MacNeil DNA project at Family Tree DNA. We have had an excellent response from MacNeils with Nova Scotian roots and we are now able to identify at least two forefathers of Barra. The two MacNeil Barra groups that have emerged are the Barra R1a (Norse Viking) group and the Barra R1b1 Group which is likely of Celtic origin. Through our study we have discovered that many of the mainland Scotland MacNeils do not share common ancestry with the MacNeils of Barra. Through this project I have discovered that my roots are Norse Viking.We welcome all men with Barra roots. We have two MacKinnons with CB/Barra roots, two MacDougalls, one McInnis, one MacPherson and a Nicholson has just signed on as well. We have discovered that some of the MacPhersons of Barra belong to the MacNeil R1b1 group and some MacInnises of Barra belong to the MacNeil R1a Group.We also welcome women and men who have a maternal line (women only) back to Barra. Men have the advantage of being XY so we have both maternal and paternal DNA whereas women have only mt-DNA.
We also welcome all forms of the name Mac Neil such as Neil, O’Neil, Nelson etc. So far it looks like the MacNeils of Barra do not descend from Neil of the 9 Hostages as we are not getting matches with those that do. The members of the Barra R1a Group have a DNA signature which is close to the reconstructed DNA signature of Somerled. His signature was reconstructed from DNA samples taken from the Chiefs of the Clan MacDonald.
Vince MacNeil
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> There seems to be a number of world wide projects being offered on the
> referenced subject; Eg National Geographic as well as each of the Clan
> Societies plus some of the software company like Family Tree Maker
> We are now aware that Mitochondrial DNA testing (mtDNA) is becoming
> more popular. Unlike Surname DNA testing, which gives you information
> only on your paternal side (father’s father), mtDNA gives you
> information on your maternal side (mother’s mother). Maternal ancestry
> is much more difficult to research than the paternal side, since women
> traditionally change their names upon marriage. mtDNA testing,
> however, can unlock many of these dead ends to new research. A public
> database has been established for mtDNA results, greatly increasing
> the probability that you can find matches.
> The National Geographic project appears to concentrate on the paternal
> side with the most common DNA test. The Clan Societies appear to offer
> both DNA and mtDNA tests but are somewhat limited in the number of
> participants.
> Has anyone had experience with any of these Project and from which
> group would one get the best results? I’d like to open some discussion
> on this subject and hopefully we’ll all learn from it. Glen Morrison
> Co’ sinn.
> MacLEOD of Inverness, Victoria and Cape Breton Counties, NS, CANADA,
> plus Islands of Lewis, Harris and Skye, SCOTLAND. MacPHERSON, YOUNG,
> WATSON, MacGREGOR, Perthshire, SCOTLAND. Co’ leis thus?
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June 14th, 2006
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4.We want you to have access to learn more about where you came from and those who came before you. If you have any information or photos to contribute please contact me.  This genealogy is online to easily allow you to contribute and/or find inaccuracies which otherwise may go unnoticed by myself or others.

5. If you feel a need not to be listed as a family member on the site please email me.  However with all due respect this genealogy project is larger than any one person and your name at the very least will be listed with no other identifying information.  We take privacy seriously and we are not the ones you need to worry about in cyber space.


I want you and your family to feel comfortable with this project and consider this site yours as well. Always let me know if you don’t feel comfortable with a post or image that I display publicly. If you notice again, specific photos that should be be private let me know. It is possible, in error a document is uploaded from my main database at my home and gets displayed and it references living individuals. Please let me know if this happens and I will fix it immediately. A living individual attached to a photo or document, should not allow that document to be displayed, unless you are signed in and registered. This means rights are given to you and your family or more specifically all the people on the document/pic and/or direct ancesters/decendants of the referenced family members on the file. If you notice errors in data, please let me know asap. We all strive to be 100% accurate -and our future descendants will appreciate that.

Genealogy Daymare

What does daymare mean?

So, why DAYMARE? Most people have one family tree with one set of parents; however this is not the case with my family tree. Being adopted has not stopped me from pursuing my adopted tree as well as my biological tree. Now you get it-2 sets of parents! Most genealogist say that the biological side is the only side you should be documenting in a tree, and most agree with this. I am much more open minded than that. By not documenting my family tree on my adopted side would be ignoring the family that raised me. It had been the only family I had ever known up until my early 20’s when I met my biological mother and father. I am as much a (Gearin- Miller) mentally as I am a (Gillis- MacNeil) biologically. I struggled for months as to how to set up my family tree. Should I have two family tree files and web sites or just one. One finally won out and I’ll tell you why. I chose 2 family trees on one gedcom file. I can easily run reports and create separate trees, but I find it more fun comparing the 2 trees together. Both families share similar relatives and ancestors, so the main reason for the project is to unearth those connections. So having to do double duty finding information on both families is a nightmare, but because it’s something I can’t do in my sleep.  Well welcome to my daymare.
Two times everything, x4 x8 x16 x32 etc.  Welcome.