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  Notable Canadian Bard, Poet and Composer, Malcolm H Gillis Homestead, Gillisdale near SW Margaree, Cape Breton, NS, Canada circa 1992

The History...1585 - 2014

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This site is dedicated to: Doris Marie Miller Gearin my "ma". Also to Teresa MacNeil Gillis my birth mother.

For if it were not for each of them, I would not be here and the person I am today!

Your Ancestral Journey Begins Here!

Celtic families included on this site are families who have immigrated to Canada and the US from Scotland, Ireland, England etc... Most of the families on this site have also emigrated from Eastern Canada to New England and the Boston area USA. All families on this site share a common connection to one another.

I feel the story of life is an important journey to document. It's all about stories and getting to know your ancestors... I believe it is possible that we all share a common ancestor whether it's 2 or 50 generations down the line.

Back in Scotland and Ireland families who were related settled in different parts of North America. At the very least we should be able to identify possible family connections with those who left specific areas of their mother land.

My main focus is to discover how individuals are related and to show interesting family tree patterns and connections between them. It's all one great big story waiting to be told!

When all is said and done I hope to pass this and any information on to an interested and dedicated family member. This family member may not even be born yet! I also have thoughts of burying time capsules in a few places for future generations to find! If you want to help me dig then please read further. This is a private family password protected access site, only showing full genealogy information on the deceased.

"Like a puzzle piece, we all connect and make up an incredible story of life, love and death."

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In order to respect the privacy of living individuals we ask that you register if you are a family member.* Family members are eligible for a private user password that allows for additional privileges and access to family notes and media.

To receive a family access password you need to show me in the comments section how you are related. At the very least you need to give your birth name and parents name. Please also add your grandparents name etc if known. I want to link you to our family tree and allow you access to our online family. Feel free to add as much family info as you feel comfortable with. All new family member registrations will be screened prior to approval - usually the same day.

* Please review the access policy located in the CelticGenealogy Blog Posted in "FAQ" and "Privacy".

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Please contribute to this site. I'd like to hear your thoughts, photos, stories, and family genealogy as only you can tell it!

Genealogists and researchers can instantly access media and notes for research for all deceased individuals without a family account.

Welcome and Happy Hunting,

Shawn Lawrence Gillis Gearin

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"Grandparents are both our past and our future. In some ways they are what has gone before, and in others they are what we will become." Mister Rogers

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    FYI While you're waiting help us find a grave. If you know where a family member is buried and we don't have it under their file, please let us know! Go to that individual file and send a comment update from there.
    No one wants to be lost for eternity!

    Off line genealogy files: If you are seeking information on a family member you don't see listed, or if they have little or no info, please contact me. Currently the off line collection is larger with more pics, data and documents.

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